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All our toys are handmade and therefore a 3-4 week lead time apply

The best time to celebrate is whenever you can! We LOVE celebrating: the high days and holidays and birthdays and special days! And sometimes we even celebrate the ordinary days, because, as someone once said: “Life should not just be lived – it should be celebrated!”

Our two birthday products originated in Waldorf and Montessori education respectively, but we just use them in our home because it is a beautiful, meaningful and oh so special way to celebrate our children! Find out more about how to use these lovely items by clicking on each one.

As a Christian mother I love to help my children experience the joy and beauty and truth of our Lord Jesus Christ’s birth, death and resurrection in multi-sensory ways. Our beautifully handmade wooden products are PERFECT for helping little minds grasp the importance of these special and life-changing events. Our Nativity sets also make beautiful year-end gifts for teachers, coaches and pastors and is a wonderful way to bless another family with something truly meaningful and lasting for Christmas.

The Easter@Home guide is a free download I created in April 2020 during the Covid-19 lockdown as a way for our small church family to remember Jesus’ death and resurrection, but news about the guide spread like wildfire and in the end we had over 2000 people from across South Africa who used the week-long activity guide to share a meaningful Easter with their families. It is free and it is our prayer that it will be a blessing to your family, also!

PRODUCTS to include here:

Birthday Ring

Birthday Sun

Nativity set

Advent spiral

Easter set

Holy week set

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