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All our toys are handmade and therefore a 3-4 week lead time apply

Our much beloved and very popular Thornewood Treasures RAINBOW STACKERS (link to the rainbow stackers page, please) have become a playroom staple in many homes across South Africa in recent years. Our own four children have been playing with theirs for going on three years now, and from our own experience we can vouch for the fact that the Rainbow Stacker is a toy that truly grows with your child. A little one may just enjoy stacking the beautifully coloured arches, while a slightly older child start using it in imaginative ways to enhance his or her playscapes. By 4 or 5 they really get into experimenting and creating magnificent structures! But did you know that we have even 12- and 13-year-olds who have fallen in love with our Rainbow Stackers and are using them to build gravity-defying 3D structures or use them as props for stop-animation films?

As Thornewood Treasures Rainbow Stackers (link) grew in popularity, we started expanding the possibilities for open-ended play and hands-on learning by creating a range of matching rainbow-coloured toys to complement our Rainbow Stackers:

  • Rainbow Half circles link to build even higher Rainbow Stacker towers, marble runs, and play scenery
  • Rainbow peg dolls link to inhabit the bright and beautiful Rainbow Stacker worlds
  • Rainbow birdies link – perfect for colour matching games and imaginary play
  • Rainbow Number Houses link with roofs that match the arches of the Rainbow Stackers and offer oh, so many fun and hands-on ways to learn and practice numbers from 1 to 12.
  • Rainbow Counting Mushrooms link that not only colour-match ALL our other rainbow toys, but can be used with our Number Houses (link) and Counting Cubes (link) to practice essential early numeracy skills.

We love that many families start by purchasing the Rainbow Stacker in their choice of colours, and then get grannies, aunties or friends to add to the collection with each new birthday or celebration!

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