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The week between Palm Sunday and Resurrection Sunday is often called Holy Week or Passion Week. In April 2020, this week fell right in the middle of our national lockdown due to Covid-19.

I wrote this guide as a gift to our small congregation during that very tumultuous time, but the Lord had bigger plans for my very humble offering, and in the end this PDF was downloaded over 3000 times. So many people have consequently contacted us to request an updated version and I am all too happy to oblige if it means a furthering of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Each day for the next 8 days, please join us as we daily reflect on a piece of Scripture that tells the story of Jesus in the last week before His death and resurrection. Listen to the selected piece of music for that day, and participate in a hands-on activity to help us have an even more direct experience as we contemplate our Saviour’s love for us. Please share your thoughts, experiences and photos using #easterathome

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