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All our toys are handmade and therefore a 3-4 week lead time apply

Playroom Pals

We’d love to introduce you to our Playroom Pals –  other local businesses who share our values around the importance of play in children’s development.

These are people we respect for the quality of their work, their insight into play and their valuable contribution to creating rich and stimulating play environments for our young children. Please support these local play experts in your choice of resources for creating rich and stimulating play environments for your children.

Totem Teepee

Totem Teepee is a family-owned business who has just celebrated their 10th anniversary – that’s 10 years of exquisite, premium-quality, handmade play tents! We have come to know Tam and Roy and their family of boys and birds via social media and over the years they have earned our firm respect and support as a local company who stands for all we hold dear, too: family values, fostering a magical, carefree childhood for our children and impeccable work ethics. Pop on over to view their beautiful range of play tents!

Playmore OT

We first met Anande on Instagram and she embodies so much of what we stand for at Thornewood Treasures. Anandé is a pediatric occupational therapist with a special interest in playfulness and sensory integration.She has a passion to enable children and families to function optimally within their play, home and school contexts. PlayMore aims to support caregivers with tools, strategies and knowledge in order to help children reach their full potential. The PlayMore Member Playground was created to provide caregivers with access to relevant information and resources, focused on play and child development. Do have a look at her Online Play Coaching and monthly masterclasses – a must for all parents with young children!

Exito Stimulasie

This dynamic duo of OT moms speaks our language when it comes to learning through play! They offer a lovely monthly program to stimulate development through play that is aimed at little ones aged 0 to 6 years. Perfek vir Afrikaanse mammas wat hul kinders ‘n speelse voorsprong wil gee!

Good Shepherd Toys

We own several of Dominique’s breathtakingly beautiful, handmade animal sets and we cannot recommend Good Shepherd Toys highly enough for their exceptional craftsmanship and impeccable quality. They are the perfect complement to our range and we gladly encourage you to add their animal toys to your Thornewood Treasures for playtime magic!

Grandpa’s Workshop

We do not make Pikler Triangles or activity tables, because Grandpa’s Worskhop does such an exceptional job of those, that we’d much rather just direct you to them! Pete and Sarah are a dynamic-father and daughter team who, like us, value family, open-ended play and quality toys for our young children.


We own several of Zoe’s enchanting Waldorf dolls and invite you to visit her online shop. Be warned though: her creations might just take our breath away!


Over the past few years we have built lovely relationships with several Montessori schools throughout South Africa who use and love our products. Each of these phenomenal principals exude passion and love for the children in their care are deeply committed to hands-on learning using premium quality toys and educational materials like ours. Please visit the respective websites if Montessori education is something you consider for your child.

Oakdale Montessori
Sunny Side
Garden Road Montessori
Bright Light Montessori
Piccolo Montessori School

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