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All our toys are handmade and therefore a 3-4 week lead time apply

Playtime Magic

“Play turns out to be so stunningly essential to childhood, it’s like love, sunshine and broccoli all juiced together.” Lenore Skenazy

We are passionate play advocates and agree wholeheartedly with Plato’s sentiment that “The most effective kind of education is that a child should play amongst lovely things.”

We are on an ongoing quest to make beautiful toys from natural materials to give our own children and yours a childhood filled with beauty and goodness and delight. No batteries. No plastic. Only well-made, simple, honest-to-goodness wooden toys.  Just add children.

Open-ended Toys

Open-ended play is the creative, unrestricted, free playing that happens when a child is presented with toys that have endless possibilities and multiple uses.

A figurine of a policeman from a popular line of themed building sets is just that: a policeman. But a wooden peg doll with no face or clothes can be ANYTHING – an astronaut before breakfast, a magician during breakfast and a little grandmother by lunchtime!

Open-ended toys give children unrestricted options for using their imaginations to construct whatever their need is in that moment’s play. The simplest examples of such toys are cardboard boxes and sticks, but we offer beautiful wooden alternatives which, unlike the box and stick, will still be around for your grandchildren to use! JUST ADD CHILDREN. Then stand back and watch as problem-solving, creativity and inspiration take flight…

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