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Counting Houses

  • Pair the house with its matching rainbow arch for a colour-matching game.
  • Arrange the houses in the correct order from 1 – 12. Now practice ordinal numbers! What is the colour of the THIRD house? Can you pick up the SIXTH house? Which house comes FIRST and what is the number of the LAST house?
  • Now practice counting backwards and arrange them from 12 to 1!
  • Take two or three houses away and let your child guess which numbers are missing
  • Turn the houses so the numbers do not show and ask the child to group them together according to size (there are three different sizes). Sorting is a great early maths activity! How many groups are there? How many houses in each group? Three groups of four houses make 12 houses – and there you’ve just done your first multiplication problem!
  • Collect pebbles / beans / acorn caps / leaves / macaroni / buttons. Place the correct number of objects in front of each little house and have fun exploring numbers: What is more, 8 or 10? What number comes before 6? How many buttons do I need to take away from 8 to make it the same as 6? If we take all the acorn caps from house number 6, can we share it equally between you and me? Can we do the same with all the acorn caps in front of house number 7? Which other houses’ acorn caps can be shared equally, and which can’t?

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